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There’s no such thing as being right 0

Many times I hear people say “You’re right!” or even more “I’m right.”. There’s no such thing as Being Right(tm). Each of us is unique and by this uniqueness we are entitled to see things differently. Therefore being right is irrelevant in other’s person eyes. Stop fighting to be right. Listen and learn instead.

Presenters are probably earning more than not presenters 0

I’m one of the organizers of Ruby Group in Ostrava (Czech Republic). Most of the time I do one presentation as there’s not much people willing to do presentations.

Last time I have looked at the room of all the guys being there present, and splited them to 2 groups. Those that already did presentation and those that didn’t (yet).

Then I had a small realization during my last presentation. Specifically for this group I realized the amount of money one earns is directly proportional to number of presentations one does (did). Isn’t that interesting?

So to all of you being afraid of doing presentations you should do it as it will make you money (indirectly).

Motivation is luxury and consistency is wealth 0

Sometimes doing boring work to get to the goal is part of being successful. There are days I feel bored by work I do. But knowing that this is the small piece I have to finish it gets better. So what I’m talking about is consistency. And consistency can be boring. You might try to motivate yourself with visualization and trigger some emotions and motivate yourself, but is that really important? Are emotions the needed substance for moving forward? Knowing that doing and carrying forward is more important is most of the times the difference.

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